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SRM Science 2015 - Engineering the Climate

12 - 14 March 2015 - Cambridge, UK . . . . Twitter: @SRMscience #srms15

Studying at Cambridge

Welcome to Solar Radiation Management Science 2015


Solar Radiation Management Science 2015 will be held from 12th to 14th March 2015, at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Solar Radiation Management (SRM) has been proposed as a form of climate engineering that could be rapidly deployed to reduce global mean temperatures. SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, cloud brightening, space-based reflectors and surface albedo enhancement. These techniques attempt to offset some of the effects of increasing greenhouse gases, namely by reducing absorption of solar radiation. SRM does not address the root cause of climate change, and does not eliminate the urgent need to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. Apart from the scientific uncertainty surrounding SRM, there are ethical, political and social issues that also need to be addressed. Please click here for further information.

To coincide with the conclusion of the Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE) Project, this conference will present and discuss state-of-the-art scientific knowledge relating to SRM with reference to a responsible innovation approach that considers wider ethical, social and governance issues. There will be four technical sessions on atmospheric chemistry, climate modelling, engineering systems and impacts, implications and consequences. These sessions will be interspersed with keynote lectures from leading scientists, and a panel discussion that examine topics such as trust, justice, intention and responsibility. With accountability and reflectiveness woven into every session, this conference will provide a forum for participants to discuss the practicalities of SRM, with a particular focus on identifying the ‘known unknowns’ and future research priorities.

SRM Science 2015 is open to all those who are interested in this topic, and we are looking forward to welcoming participants from a wide range of disciplines, sectors (particularly academia, policy and civil society), geographical regions, cultures, and generations. The conference will be held at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge, and the conference dinner will be held at Trinity College on Saturday 14th March 2015.  We hope that you will enjoy the Cambridge experience during the conference.

Welcome to Cambridge!

Hugh Hunt
Chairman of the organizing committee of SRM Science 2015