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SRM Science 2015 - Engineering the Climate

12 - 14 March 2015 - Cambridge, UK . . . . Twitter: @SRMscience #srms15

Studying at Cambridge


Programme Overview

Thursday 12 March

18.00 – 19.30 Welcome Reception & Registration  (Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street)


Friday 13 March (Engineering Department, Trumpington Street Cambridge, CB2 1PZ)

8.00 Registration, coffee

9.00 Welcome & Introduction

9.30 Keynote Lecture: Ken Caldeira

10.00 Keynote Lecture: Phil Rasch

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Technical Session 1: Climate Modelling. Chair: Lesley Gray

  • Jim Haywood 'Results from GEOMIP and SRM simulations with the Hadley Centre Model'
  • Scott Osprey 'The long-standing dynamical impacts of climate engineering using stratospheric sulphate aerosol'
  • Andy Jarvis 'Deeply ignorant rationality: A solar radiation management case study'
  • Stephen Salter 'Can we get a win-win result for the side effects of marine cloud brightening by use of coded modulation of condensation nucleus concentration?'

12.30 Lunch & Lunchtime Perspectives. Chair: Olaf Corry

  • Ian Simpson 'Evidence and theory of current climate engineering programs'
  • Josefina Fraile-Martin 'Civil Society and Geoengineering'

14.00 Keynote Lecture: David MacKay

14.30 Keynote Lecture: Lynn Russell

15.00 Coffee

15.30 Technical Session 2: Impacts, Implications & Consequences. Chair: Nem Vaughan

  • Piers Forster 'Potentially damaging precipitation side effects from solar radiation management'
  • Ben Kravitz 'SRM Impacts on the Hydrological Cycle'
  • Andy Wiltshire 'Future Ecosystem Services, Climate Mitigation and Geo-Engineering'
  • Sebastian Eastham 'Sensitivities of Human Health to Aerosol Climate Engineering'

17.00 End


19.00 - 21.00 Panel discussion, Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Site. Chair: Oliver Morton. Panellists: Martin Rees, Amartya Sen, Onora O'Neill, David Keith.


Saturday 14 March (Engineering Department, Trumpington Street Cambridge, CB2 1PZ)

9.00 Coffee

9.30 Keynote Lecture: David Keith

10.00 Keynote Lecture: Duncan McLaren

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Session 3: Engineering Systems. Chair: Hugh Hunt

  • Hugh Hunt 'Delivering particles to the stratosphere - SPICE WP2'
  • Chris Burgoyne 'Some engineering aspects of a Geoengineering balloon and tether'
  • Julian Evans 'The quest for ingenerate resources to promote longevity of the ocean mirror'
  • John Latham 'Marine Cloud Brightening'

12.30 Lunch & Lunchtime Perspectives. Chair: Duncan McLaren

  • Holly Buck 'Contested infrastructure: insights from large-scale development projects'
  • Bronislaw Szerszynski 'A bibliometric study of solar radiation management science: publications and patents'

14.00 Keynote Lecture: Tom Ackerman

14.30 Keynote Lecture: Matthew Watson

15.00 Coffee

15.30 Session 4: Atmospheric Effects. Chair: Matthew Watson

  • Francis Pope 'Atmospheric chemistry of mineral particles in the stratosphere: implications for ozone chemistry and stratospheric particle injection'
  • Graham Mann 'Quantifying the radiative forcing from the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption'
  • Peter Davidson 'The impact, implications and consequences of the use of manufactured particles to improve the feasibility and reduce risk for a Stratospheric Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Insurance'
  • Peter Irvine 'Detection, Attribution and Climate Control - the Limits to Solar Radiation Management'

17.00 End


19.30 Conference dinner at Trinity College


Sunday 15 March (Optional)

Choice of activity at 10.30am - weather permitting

Punting, Trinity clock tower tour, walk to Grantchester, Guided tour Scott Polar museum