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SRM Science 2015 - Engineering the Climate

12 - 14 March 2015 - Cambridge, UK . . . . Twitter: @SRMscience #srms15

Studying at Cambridge


List of Posters

Session 1: Climate modelling

  • S. Driscoll 'Climate Impacts of Stratopsheric Particle Injection'
  • A. Jones  'The climate response to stratospheric aerosol injection in the RCP8.5 concentrations scenario'
  • Douglas G. MacMartin, Ben Kravitz 'Feedback is essential to manage uncertainty in solar geoengineering'
  • Ben Kravitz 'Progress in the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project (GeoMIP)'
  • J. Crook 'Geoengineering using oceanic microbubbles'
Session 2: Impacts, Implications and Consequences
  • J. Falk 'SRM Governance - What, Whether, How, When...?'
  • Z. Zhuo 'Historical Implication on Geoengineering - From the Perspective of China’s Monsoon Precipitation Response to Volcanic Aerosols'
  • O. Wingenter 'Intended and unintended consequences of SRM: Zeus' Lever'
  • M. Stankoweit 'Cost-effective integrated mitigation and solar radiation management scenarios under combined temperature and precipitation guardrails'
Session 3: Engineering Systems
  • A. Lockley 'Geoengineering on Exoplanets'
  • C. McInnes 'Micro-to-Macro: Solar Radiation Management as a problem of Engineering Science at extremes of length-scale'
  • S H Salter 'Updated design of hydrofoil spray vessels for marine cloud brightening for increased energy demand.'
  • J. Sanchez 'Optimal Sunshade Configurations for Solar Radiation Management near the Sun-Earth L1 Point'
Session 4: Atmospheric Effects

  •  P. Arora, S. Mishra 'The effects of Geoengineering on Tropical Climate (Indian Subcontinent): The effects of SRM on Cloud Area Fraction'
  • D. Peters, B. Reed, M. Watson, D. Grainger 'In the search for the optimal particle: optical properties'
  • L. Rkiouak 'Characterisation of mineral particles for solar radiation management schemes'
  • P. Nowack 'Climate sensitivity and solar geoengineering: do atmospheric composition feedbacks matter?'
  • D. Weisenstein 'Solar geoengineering using solid aerosol in the stratosphere: modelling efficacy and impacts of alumina and diamond'
Conference Posters (not aligned to a particular technical session)
  • W. Weng 'A survey of dynamic games in the exploration of climate geoengineering governance'
  • A. E. Chavez 'Principled Geoengineering'
  • R. de Richter 'Elevation of emissions from fossil fuel power stations to reflect solar radiation'
  • R. Chris 'Escaping the geoengineering catch-22'
  • N. Matzner 'Simulating a climate engineering crisis'